Become a JAM Card Friendly business

The JAM Card was created to allow people with learning difficulties and communication barriers to ask for Just A Minute of patience when in customer service situations. We are now offering businesses the opportunity to sign up and become JAM Card Friendly.

As a JAM Card Friendly business your staff will gain valuable knowledge about how to provide excellent customer service when serving a person with a disability. Your customers will be aware that you are a socially conscious business and have taken the initiative to train your staff in disability etiquette.

You will be provided with JAM Card window stickers to display in your organisation plus logos and marketing material to promote yourself as a JAM Card Friendly business on your website and social media. Your business will also be given priority appearance on the JAM Card app and you will be tagged as a JAM Card Friendly Business.

Your organisation will also be given the opportunity to promote its services and offers to JAM Card app users through the app and its newsletter.

What are the benefits for my business by becoming disability aware?

Benefits include:

  • Access to the online JAM Card Disability Awareness Training

  • JAM Card friendly organisation for 3 years

  • JAM Card logo and marketing material for business

  • Opportunity to promote your organisation on the app

  • Email updates from the JAM Card team

Need anything else? Get in touch

If you have any queries about becoming a JAM Card Friendly business or would like to speak to a member of the team please get in touch with us by phone on 02890 436400 or contact us.